Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in Hampshire

If you have struggled with losing weight for years through willpower, diets or exercise, then hypnotherapy may be able to help you lose weight in a more natural way.

Can you imagine reaching your healthy weight goals and staying there permanently? Can you imagine feeling more positive, more energetic and more healthy every day?

Then hypnotherapy may work very well for you.

It’s quite different from dieting, which tries to get you to restrict certain types of food, or count calories. For most people, this only works temporarily, and leads to ‘rebound’ weight gain afterwards.

How hypnotherapy can help you to lose weight

An experienced weight-loss hypnotherapist helps you to look at your goals for losing weight, and then ‘experience’ stepping into that reality, again and again, until it becomes familiar and desirable. Part of your overall healthy lifestyle. 

Often people have negative thoughts about their weight issues, unconsciously reinforce the problem with self-critisism and hopelessness. These are difficult blocks to your success. The real power of hypnotherapy is in helping you to get past these blocks, the critical inner voice, bad eating habits, all the emotional reasons for overeating,  and any negative associations with food and exercise.

Hypnotherapy offers a much more natural approach to your health and lifestyle. You will learn to lose weight steadily and in a way that will make you feel really great. And much more in control!

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