Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy in Hampshire

Hypnosis – the natural and effective way to stop smoking….

People often ask if you can ‘make’ someone stop smoking with hypnosis.  The short answer is no!

(Hypnotherapy is a gentle guided process than needs your co-operation – unlike ‘stage’ hypnosis) 

But if you are well-motivated to stop smoking, then I can help make this easier than you may have thought. We do this by subtly changing your response to the idea of smoking, and reprogramming your unconscious habit – for good!

Are you ready to stop smoking forever, with the right help? Get in touch with us NOW!

Hypnosis is an incredibly powerful approach, and is successfully used to help many thousands of people quit smoking each year.  Our established program leaves you free of weight gain, cravings, emotional reactions, gum and patches!

If you truly want to stop, it is a very easy and positive process. Most people clearly recognise the point at which they become a non-smoker once again – usually halfway through the session. Very gratifying to see!  

All it takes is a single one and a half hour session, and we include a free follow-up (if needed) during the first 6 months. Most people don’t need this, but it’s reassuring to know you have a ‘safety net’ just in case… 

Please contact us for more information about our stop smoking package.