Self Confidence Hypnotherapy in Hampshire

Increase your self-confidence with hypnotherapy

The way that we think and feel about ourselves has a great impact on our lives and happiness.

Most people realise that this can be improved, but don’t really know how. The answer is simple: use the power of your unconscious mind to build a better self-image.  You see, a skilled hypnotherapist knows how to help you guide and direct your thoughts, memories, feelings and expectations in a highly positive direction. In other words:

         “the imagination is always stronger than the willpower”

This means that all anxieties and negative thoughts are simply ……..banned from your normal everyday thoughts! Often we can damage our own self confidence by dwelling on past mistakes or imagined future disasters. Often childhood experiences form part of the reason for this, but we can just as easily fall into low self-confident thought patterns after a major trauma or life changes.

Hypnosis re-trains the unconscious mind to be automatically positive

Many clients have reported their amusement at the way ‘positive thoughts just popped in their minds’ after a hypnotherapy session. While you can make up your mind to be consciously positive, and try to force yourself to look on the sunny side of things, without reassuring the subconscious as well, there will always be some feelings of uncertainty and doubt.    

Break the pattern. Contact us today to discover just how easily this can happen for you.