Fears and Phobias Hypnotherapy in Hampshire

Overcoming phobias and fears using Hypnotherapy and NLP Techniques

We often learn our basic fears and phobias as children – snakes, spiders, dogs, the dark, public speaking, illness, and many more – but sometimes these can get worse when we are adults – for example flying, social groups, blushing, needles and failure . Or perhaps we simply get fed up with the restriction these place on our freedom and full enjoyment of life.

Using willpower or reasoning with yourself simply does not work – and will often make things worse. It’s like trying to force a very frightened part of yourself to not be frightened. This will not work, and will only damage your self-esteem and self confidence. Indeed, a serious phobia left untreated will often ‘generalise’ or spread into other similar areas, and so reinforce a false belief in ‘weakness’ or inability to cope effectively.

Why can’t we just ‘decide’ to not be frightened? – After all, we know intellectually that we are reasonably safe…..

Phobias are by definition not rational and so cannot be removed though logical thought. Part of your unconscious mind believes (mistakenly) that you life is in danger, and will do its very best to keep you safe – even if this means preventing you from taking normal action!

Hypnotherapy helps us to communicate to that part that ‘all is well’, you are quite safe, and can relax and respond normally to what is happening around you – and perhaps even enjoy it!

Using hypnosis together with other modern psychological approaches such as NLP and TFT can remove the majority of single phobias in just a session or two.  Multiple or complex phobias may take a few sessions longer, but the results are well worth it.  

Be free of unnecessary fears and phobias – and enjoy your life to the full!

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